Walthamstows local ecological tree surgeon

mayatte.ecoarbor@gmail.com - 07802 740263

Welcome to Ecoarbor. We are London’s first tree surgeons to offer a zero or low emission and quiet tree pruning service and we plant several trees for each job to offset our carbon. We are based in Walthamstow and our commitment to working locally to reduce carbon emissions means 90% of our work is carried out in Walthamstow, E17 and the surrounding area, Leyton, Leytonstow, Chingford etc. . Email or Call us for your free quotation for all tree work, we will arrange to visit you at a convenient time for you and as soon as you need us to come, that could be the same day or evening. We aim to visit on bicycle or electric motorbike making most of our journeys zero emissions. 

Usually a visit is needed to QUOTE but sometimes if the job is relatively small and straight forward and if its convenient for the client  I can provide an E-QUOTE or ESTIMATE from some photos and a description of the pruning work you require along with your phone number and email pictures of the tree/s with details of height, diameter of trunk if applicable, side access/through house etc. – email photos to:  mayatte.ecoarbor@gmail.com or text to 07802 740263

We are proud to offer a uniquely ecological and low carbon service to all our customers. We only use electric and hand tools where possible, avoiding the use of noisy and polluting 2 stroke engine chainsaws. From our experience we find that in most jobs we are able to use cordless electric saws and usually only with large tree removals do we need to use petrol chainsaws. we aim to be totally zero carbon and zero emissions within one to two years as we invest in electric vehicles and more powerful electric chainsaws for cutting large trees as soon as they become available.

If you have no side access to your rear garden and we need to come through the house, we are able to use a small portable woodchipper to chip all the brash in the garden so it doesn’t have to come through the house. Our clients have found that this is very convenient and avoids lots of mess and possible marks left on walls. Although we are able to remove the wood chip, as it is usually in small enough quantities, most of our clients have been able to utilise the wood chips as flower bed mulch or paving for example.


Ecoarbor is an expanding and friendly business with over 20 years experience in arboriculture. We are fully insured, NPTC qualified and work to the British Standard 3998: 2010. We provide free quotations and planning applications to all our clients. Our customers range from households to schools, golf courses and industrial estates. Because of our unique quiet electric chainsaws we can work in noise sensitive areas without causing a disturbance.