Conifer height reduction

A conifer height reduction usually involves a tree from the Cyprus family and usually a Leylandii. These trees are extremely quick to grow but do provide a thick and dense barrier to act as a border to your neighbours. Reducing the height is the only option for these trees except for removing them which is often best if the cost of reducing the height every few years becomes too much. In that case there are better suited trees with low maintenance cost which could be planted instead.

It is often called lopping or topping and are terms used by more unprofessional tree surgeons. A height reduction can also be done on other hardy species of tree such as limes and willow but is not recommended on most trees as this would cause too much stress which would also result in disease, die back or death.

It is often the case that lowering and dismantling techniques will need to be implemented to reduce the height of a conifer. This is to ensure that there is no damage to flora or property.