Mayatte Patrick-Hughes gained the arboriculture NPTC qualifications in 1999 and started a small tree surgery business in 2005. He founded Ecoarbor in 2013/14 after his trials using new and revolutionary eco friendly electric chainsaws. Mayatte also has a BA (Hons) degree in Sculpture and his artistic and aesthetic skills go hand in hand with the fine sympathetic tree pruning that he specializes in. Mayatte personally undertakes all the crown reduction and pruning work so you can be assured of the highest quality.

Ecoarbor aims to set the highest eco standard in arboriculture, aiming for zero emissions and a zero carbon footprint. We are committed to recording any Co2 we produce and offsetting it by planting woodlands. There are also health benefits to the chainsaw operators by not having to breath in the unacceptable two stroke fumes as well benefits to the client and neneighbours from quiet and low noise work. We regularly undertake tree work for clients who need a noise sensitive service from the elderly, pet owners and clients who need us to come at the weekend.

We recharge our batteries from our eco energy supplier, GOOD ENERGY. They are the UK’s 100% wind and solar power energy supplier. We use this energy to run our cordless chainsaws, leaf blower, hedge trimmer etc.


We recycle all of our wood which gets used in many ways from fire wood, allotments to compost. We usually give our logs away for free to our clients or local residents with Defra approved wood burners to provide a local ecological and community service.