Felling and removal

You may need to remove a tree due to the size and speed of growth, proximity to your house, because it may be pushing a wall over or it may be too big for the size of your garden where a smaller tree would be better suited. Often a larger tree will block out too much light especially in a smaller garden. We always ask our clients if they really want to remove a tree and we give advice about the different options instead of a removal. This may be a crown reduction, crown thin or a pollard.


If a removal is decided upon then we use careful lowering techniques where appropriate to make sure the tree is safely removed with no damage to plants, shrubs, buildings or fences. We usually recommend that the tree is cut down to ground level as stump grinding is expensive and only necessary if you want to turf over or plant directly over the top. Otherwise and in the majority of cases, clients are happy to let the stump rot away and if they want, plant alongside. Tree removal is often the most dangerous and technically demanding job in tree surgery so that’s why you can have peace of mind knowing that Mayatte has 15 years of experience and expertise in removing and dismantling trees.